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              Zhejiang Liyuan Leather Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2006, is a leather-specialized Sino-foreign joint ventures, under the Lixitun Group. The company is located in Ouhai Qu River Creek Road 98, three Creek, the registered capital of 8 million US dollars, the legal representative of Wu Haipo, the existing building area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters of factory buildings, 210 employees.


              In recent years, the company constantly strengthen management, technological innovation and integrity work, has been operating in good faith, the principle of scientific and technological innovation, highlighted in the following areas:

              1. Actively introduce foreign investment, increase investment in technical reform and promote technological equipment reform.

              Science and technology is the primary productive force, but also the driving force for enterprise development, the company in order to promote the transformation of technology and equipment, increase investment in technical funds, in 2010 invested more than ten million yuan, the introduction of roll coater, hot leather machine, foil machine Italy imported advanced tanning equipment, and the existing hot machine, shower curtain machine and other equipment for technological innovation, greatly improving the function of hardware facilities, while further improving the productivity of the work so that the products produced in the domestic similar products In a leading position, but also by the foreign industry recognized.

              2. Strengthen quality management, improve production efficiency. Quality is the guarantee of enterprise's life. The company introduces advanced and scientific management system and implements the company's total quality management. In September 2002, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system demonstration, which makes the company clear "quality first, credit first" The purpose of forming a strict control of every process of quality control system, precisely because of a stable and high-quality products, the company's sales every year have a big improvement.


              3. People-oriented and enhance cohesion. Enterprises seek development in the competition, while the competition of enterprises is mainly the competition of talents. The continuous development of new products, talent is the most important, the organization of the company's technical staff to visit the International Leather Fair and invite foreign technical staff to carry out technical exchanges with them, in their work to create a platform for them to realize their dreams and values of life so that these People can feel at ease with the enterprise and common development with the enterprise.

              4. Repay the society and subsidize vulnerable groups. In the meantime, the company has made good profits and has not forgotten its public welfare undertakings. It has actively repay the society. In recent years, it has established linked poverty alleviation links with impoverished mountainous areas such as Yongjia and Wencheng so as to promote the economic development and social progress in less developed areas. People's praise.

              The company has now become the city of Wenzhou City 100 Dragon leather industry and the leading enterprises. Over the years won many times in Wenzhou City, the district "meritorious service", "taxpayer", "Star Enterprise", "charity", "Star Credit Enterprise", "AAA credit", "contract and keeping promises" "Wenzhou Bai Bai Integrity Enterprise", "Wenzhou Bai Bai Industrial Enterprise", "Wenzhou City Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise" and other honorary titles;

              Company's main products are: leather upper leather, leather sofa leather, leather leather bags, the second floor, such as wet film transfer.


              Address: Zhejiang Wenzhou Quxi Street Sanxi Road No. 198

              Tel: +86-577-86263381 

              Fax: +86-577-86261104


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