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              Wenzhou Lixit Leather Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in June 2013, located in No. 198, Sanxi Road, Quxi Street, Ouhai District, Wenzhou. A total investment of 5.62 million yuan equipment company, now covers an area of 590 square meters. Since the establishment of the company, we have imported and purchased the most advanced testing equipment for production and R & D in China. Now has passed through the embossing machine, through-type hot pressing machine, cold bending test machine, engraving machine and other research equipment for leather product development and testing.

              Institutional settings and staffing: technology development company consists of integrated room, R & D room, trial room, testing room, archives and other five departments. The company employs hiring system, the center has 15 full-time research and development staff. The company equipped with advanced equipment, staff age, professional and reasonable, greatly improving the level of research and development, while establishing and improving the information and database.

              The company has a full-time staff to track the latest international and domestic technological developments in the industry and ensure the forward-looking technology development. To enhance the capacity of independent innovation as the main line, and comprehensively promote the ideological innovation, institutional innovation, development model innovation, management innovation, innovation awareness, innovation and innovation force throughout the whole process of production and work and in all aspects So that innovation has become the internal driving force for the development of enterprises. Organize the company's technical development goals and plans, and actively develop new products. Further enhance the capability of independent innovation and form part of brand products with leading industries, independent intellectual property rights and strong core competitiveness in the region. Do a good job of technical management and training of technical personnel, management and training of technical staff, and recommend the introduction of technical personnel in a planned way, do a good job of technical personnel gathering.


              The company plans and ideas for the next step:

              1, Technology development company technical force should further strengthen the training of young technicians. The company will focus on strengthening the company's innovative capacity-building, the company as the mainstay, industry-led science and technology and economic integration of science and technology innovation system. Increase the reserve of science and technology resources and improve the policy system. Strengthen the leather technology development company construction, encourage and guide key key technical personnel in the process of breaking through the key core technology learning and accumulation, and gradually improve the company's young technical staff of professional skills; actively explore and develop industry technology research and development capabilities. Companies as the mainstay, technical support for tertiary institutions to develop technology companies to promote scientific and technological progress in the industry, improve competitiveness. Technology innovation platform for industrial restructuring to provide technical support for enterprises to provide innovative services and personnel training services. Gradually formed from research and development, the results into the industrialization of train through-train research team and industry innovation cluster. In order to guide and attract more technical backbone to participate in the platform construction, make it become the main body of the platform construction, the main body of application and the main body of technological innovation activities.

              2, To further play the company's talent support, guidance and service functions. Introduce and gather talent. For technical characteristics of the company's products, the introduction of professional and technical personnel, companies in cooperation with tertiary institutions in the process, we should make full use of university resources to strengthen their own personnel training and improvement; introduction and improvement of a series of supporting policies, including the company's own right Incentives for scientific and technological personnel, to create a pooling of talents, good personnel, retain talent entrepreneurial environment.

              3, To further improve the company's various management systems to adapt to the company's development. Improve and improve the company's own management system, operation and incentive mechanism. Increase investment in science and technology, give full play to the financial guidance of technological innovation and leverage. To further carry out policy research, improve the policy system. For the key projects with development prospects, some preferential policies will be studied and formulated to form a diversified and multi-channel scientific and technological support and incentive mechanism. In the management system, we should understand the property rights relationship between the company and the relying party (including the ownership of intellectual property) and establish a management mechanism that is suitable for market-oriented operation so as to gradually become a relatively independent, independent R & D and self-financing research institution. In project management, adhere to the independent research and development and introduction, digestion and improve the combination of the road, and actively explore the original results of the development and continuously improve the ability of independent innovation.

              4, Actively carry out technical exchanges with domestic and foreign enterprises in the same industry.

              5, To accept the national and local agencies engineering consulting services.

              6, Committed to participate in the introduction of project technology digestion, introduction and innovation.

              7, Through the accumulation of scientific research strength, Leather Technology Development Co., Ltd. will be built into an open and service-oriented scientific research institution and extensive scientific and technological cooperation and exchange will be held.

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