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              Zhejiang Juli Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is the West Group Holdings, with two legal persons, the company's main: housing projects, transformation of the old city, real estate comprehensive development; wholesale, retail building materials. The company was established in May 1999, so far the development and construction of the project are: Wenzhou Huamang Business Plaza, Wenzhou, Wenzhou, world paradise, Anyang Yongqiang Wenzhou Garden, Wenzhou Lantian decorative materials market engineering, Wenzhou Quxi resettlement housing project, Lixitte Ltd. technical transformation projects. The company won several times in Wenzhou City, "taxpayer," Ouhai "meritorious service" honorary title.

              The company has general manager of the room, chief division Office, Engineering Department, Sales Department, the Ministry of Finance, offices and other departments. The company has 18 engineering and technical personnel and management personnel, among which 50% hold the titles of middle and high titles. The company is based on strong technical and economic strength, people-oriented, market-oriented, modernized management as the guide for our country Construction continued to make new contributions.


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