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              Wenzhou Lixit Trade Co., Ltd. was established in September 1986, located in No. 198, Sanxi Road, Quxi Street, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City. It is a trading company specialized in import and export of all kinds of goods.

              Main: sales of chemical raw materials, leather, luggage, shoes, clothing, decorating construction materials, metal products, lighters, glasses, leather machinery; import and export goods, technology import and export.

              Since the establishment of the company, closely follow the pace of reform and opening up, strictly abide by the relevant state laws and regulations, using its own resources and advantages, people-oriented, honest and trustworthy, pioneering and innovative, conscientious and do practical, practical import and export goods for customers. Acting major foreign trade orders at home and abroad, import and export customs clearance business, with a single agent. We have a number of high-quality professional staff, rich experience in import and export. The company hopes to establish friendly relations and cooperation with more import and export customers and work together to create brilliant future.


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