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              The company was founded on June 2017, located at No. 18, Minghui Road, East of Guannan Economic Development Zone, Lian Yun Gang Jiang Su Province, with a total investment of 5 million RMB. The company deals with the construction of electrical cables, electric wires; in the fields of environmental recycle technical and development projects; waste water treatment project from design to operation management.


              LianYunGang United Cabel Co., Ltd is also an all rounded Environmental Care Service company, that we involved in cables& wires, industrial & domestic sanitary sewage treatment, energy saving equipment, new materials all these "Green Energy" development projects. We provide investment, enquiry, design, manufacturing of equipment, engineering construction, system operation. Through all these facilities we are providing, we give our customer services and help from all different directions with independent innovative knowledge and quality services.


              As we honor trust as our core company value, customer needs oriented services, we are confident to build a better future as well as contribution to our environment work and serve for our country as well.

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