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              Foreign real estate speculators first settled in building a new pattern of the property market in Wenzhou

              Recently, foreign well-known real estate R & F real estate successfully settled in Longwan Binhai Park attracted much attention. In fact, in recent years with the advancing of urban construction in Wenzhou and the development of the property market, Wenzhou has become a must for many large-scale foreign brands. Vanke, China Resources, New Hope, Techco, Country Garden, Zhejiang Zhida, R & F, etc. have laid out Wenzhou city or suburbs, and their entry into Wenzhou property market really into the era of quality competition.

              Take the currently popular Binjiang Business District as an example, it has gathered many foreign real estate speculators such as Vanke, Country Garden, Zhejiang Zhida, China Resources, New Hope and so on, all of which will build high-quality riverscape residential houses. Some of the projects will also Construction of municipal roads, kindergartens, green parks and other facilities. Built by Country Garden Wenzhou Longyue project, with a total construction area of ​​about 160,000 square meters, will create a scarlet waterfront mansion in Wenzhou City. A total of 15 project more than 700 households, apartment layout area of ​​about 136 square meters between -228 square meters. New Hope real estate competing Taohua Island Area T04-16 to -18 plots total area of ​​about 124 acres, the project name for the white foothills Bay, has started the pre-publicity. In addition to residential and commercial parts, the project will also construct public facilities such as kindergartens, community activity venues and park green spaces.

              For New Hope Properties, I believe there is no stranger to the people concerned about real estate injection. The world's top 500 enterprises from Chengdu entered the Sanjiang business district of Wenzhou to build a three-dimensional city project and officially started construction in February 2014. In July 2015, New Hope Real Estate successfully settled into the Wenzhou Central Green axis area and built a large-scale high-end real estate project White foothills. Now they will build the Bai Lu Wan Project in Binjiang Business District, and these projects are not only located in the hot spots of current urban development, but also all of them are "big and big" with an area of ​​more than 100 mu.

              Such as the new hope of real estate is not the case, Vanke, Techon, Country Garden and other foreign housing prices in the current hot plate of our city have their presence. For example, Vanke Group owns several large-scale residential projects not only in the suburbs of Longwan, Huangyu and Ouhai centers, but also in such hot areas as Xueyuan Road, Qidu New District and Binjiang Business District in the main city.

              Wenzhou forces in the back of the predators are in fact the improvement of land planning and finishing capabilities in Wenzhou two years. Previously, Wenzhou's residential land supply less, and the introduction of the plots are also relatively small, can not attract the attention of foreign housing prices. In recent years, with the expansion of the urban framework and the acceleration of the pace of construction, the city increased the overall development and construction of highlights in the main city and hot spots in the suburbs, and promoted the quality of urban construction through the form of overall land parcel transfer. The overall transfer of these large land just to cater to the considerable strength of the needs of foreign housing prices.

              According to the 2017 Land Acquisition Manual issued by the Municipal Land and Resources Bureau, plots of land parcels sold in urban areas will be massively appearing this year. Through the mode of development in the area, the quality of urban construction will be enhanced to achieve "Dajiandaimei." At the same time, such features as "housing relocation", "neighborhood system" and "commercial shelter" are also reflected in the combined plots.

              From the land that has been sold or will be sold this year, there is a substantial increase in the mass parcels. Most of the parcels are sold in combination plots such as "commercial housing + resettlement housing" and "residential + hotel + commercial". Taking the successful plot transfer of Ouhai Tang Village in Xicun Village at the end of March as an example, the total land area of ​​225 mu is the first to be piloted in the form of large-scale allocation and relocation. The resettlement houses account for more than 70% Attracted a number of local and foreign brand housing prices eyes. In addition, in the near future, according to the characteristics of the area, the city will re-plan the layout of the 239-acre parcel of land in the central green axis core area to create a city complex to further enhance the city's functions in the area.

              In response, insiders believe that the city has bid farewell to the free growth of land auction, through the rational planning and effective development of this path, will further enhance the regional functions and city image, which is also in line with the needs of many large-scale housing prices . At the same time, continue to enter the Wenzhou market of large foreign-owned enterprises, has brought advanced operational concepts and quality products and services, but also to usher in the property market in Wenzhou quality competition era.

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