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              Congratulations Lixit Group official website officially launched! !

              Congratulations Lixit Group official website officially launched! !

              Lixitte Group was founded in June 1979, is a diversified group of companies mainly leather, the Group headquarters is located in the old coast of Wenzhou Ouhai - Ouhai Quxi town, covers an area of ​​150,000 square meters, After nearly 40 years of development, it has now become a key backbone enterprise in Wenzhou City, a leading enterprise in Wenzhou City and a large conglomerate in Wenzhou City with a total assets of over 1 billion yuan and over 600 employees. Based on tanning, the Group has also been involved in market construction, tourism hotel, real estate development and international and domestic trade. It has become a large-scale inter-regional and cross-industry conglomerate. The Group owns Zhejiang Liyuan Leather Co., Ltd., Lianyungang United Leather Co., Ltd. Company, Zhejiang Juli Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Litas Leather Technology Development Co., Ltd., Wenzhou City, Litas Trade Co., Ltd. 5 subsidiary. In 2016, the company achieved sales exceeding 1 billion yuan and tax payment of more than 50 million yuan.

              "Workers want to be good, we must first of its profits," the company has the world's most advanced tannery production equipment, in order to ensure product quality, the company in September 2002 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the company's " Li Xite "brand leather upper leather in 2007 won the title of Zhejiang brand-name products, leather tanners at home and abroad enjoy a relatively high reputation. The main products are leather upper leather, leather sofa leather, leather leather bags, cattle two PU dry, wet transfer film leather.

              The company insists on the progress of science and technology, attaches great importance to the cultivation and introduction of science and technology talents, and has created a team of research and development personnel with excellent quality and strong innovative ability. People-oriented management takes human-oriented management as the core of company management. Corporate image, enhance employee cohesion, the overall competitiveness of the company.

              While obtaining good benefits, the Group also does not forget public welfare undertakings and actively repay the society and subsidize vulnerable groups. In 2007, the Li Xi Branch of Ouhai Charity Federation was set up, and targeted poverty alleviation and assistance to Wenzhou, Yongjia and Wencheng poor mountain areas were set up to help disadvantaged Communist Party members, undergraduates in poverty, subsidized vulnerable households and other disadvantaged groups, The economic development and social progress in the developed areas are highly applauded by the local governments and the people.

              Over the years by the Wenzhou Municipal People's Government and the relevant departments as "taxpayers", "Star Enterprise", Zhejiang Province, "the contract and keeping promises" enterprises and ICBC, ABC "AAA credit" enterprises, Wenzhou City, import and export code of conduct qualified enterprises . Lixitte Group also successively won Zhejiang Province "Charity Award", Wenzhou "social model private enterprises return", Ouhai "outstanding contribution to charity" award, Wenzhou City, "industrial enterprises bigger and stronger outstanding contribution unit" , "Advanced collective in Chaihai District for charity education" and "contribution to roads and roads for the benefit of one".

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